But Time Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older…

and suddenly we have a little kid instead of a baby. one who follows complex directions and speaks in full sentences that are at least 30% comprehensible. and he’s long and big and dexterous and independent. and runs everywhere he goes and seeks out and says hello to people and plays games and tickles everyone and laughs at jokes.

and they’re trying to move him up to the next level in both swim class and daycare.

swim class may or may not happen just yet. i guess 18 mos is the minimum they would ever move anyone up to the “mini junior goldfish guppy minnow class” (or whatever) and he might still be too young and immature. it will be a major change because instead of us being in a class with a bunch of other babies and their parents, swimming with him and holding him and doing all the exercises with him or at arms’ length of him, he’ll be 1 of 3 kids in a class with 1 teacher and we’ll be BEHIND GLASS looking in. probably faces smushed up against the glass getting it all slobbery from our salty snotty tears, but still, behind glass and not in the water with him. where he’ll have to wait on the edge of the pool and take his turn and not be impulsive. like a big kid.

like a boss.

and at daycare he’s transitioning into the toddler room. today was the first day he was in there, suddenly and without warning, and he’ll probably be back and forth between his current room and the new one for a while. robb picked him up and wasn’t specifically given any instructions that i feared like “can’t have pacifiers” or “has to be potty trained” or “must not bite friends or self,” so i guess we’re good to go. it was a lot more traumatic when they changed him just as suddenly from infant to early toddler. but, like everything in parenting and in life, once you’ve gone through it once, you’re more prepared and adaptable. so if he rolls with it, so will we. new teacher and none of his little friends have moved up yet, so whole room full of new people.  but he’ll pass out his little business cards and meet new people and make fast friends.

he’s proven himself very amenable to change so far, and i hope this will be the same. he seems to really enjoy life and that is awesome.

like a boss.

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