My Hypothesis is Love

where do we put all the sadness?

how do we deal with an elementary school shooting that leaves dozens of dead children at the hands of a 20 y/o kid?

when we’re working through our grief, where do we store those processed feelings without getting stomach ulcers and how do we not draw some pretty desperate conclusions about the world?

how do we plunge into that grief without getting stuck at the bottom of it? how do we come out whole and not assuming that the world is a dark place full of bad people?

i don’t know. i’m still working on it.

but as horrifying as this is and as angry and scared as it makes me to think of someone having the capacity to do this…my gut reaction is to say that people are still basically good.

and that it is our responsibility to love each other. that doing that could fix things.

my hypothesis is love. it might be terribly small and simple, but it’s all i’ve got.

and i think it stands to reason that if we’re kind to every person we encounter, showing him that he’s valuable and worth-while, is there not the chance that we can interrupt his self-loathing spiral toward violence?

is there not the remotest of chances that this shooter wasn’t an unreachable sociopath (as it certainly seems he could have been), but rather someone with a ruined view of the value of life?

spread joy. be kind. attempt to love others like God loves- completely, unfailingly and especially to the most un-lovable among us.

in response to this awfulness, people in the media are talking gun control and school security. that’s fine, but that’s at the very end of the page. it’s the last ditch effort to prevent a broken person from killing others.

but how do we prevent the person from breaking in the first place?

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