What the #$% is a Duck-Dog?


we were reading ‘dr. seuss’s ABC’s’ tonight and i’m struck by how totally brilliant dr. seuss was, and also how totally lazy. but he got away with it. because he was dr-friggin-seuss. or, i should say, dr-fiffer-feffer-feff-seuss.

he has this whole relationship with characters and languages that don’t exist, so when he’s writing an “educational” book on something like the ABC’s, ostensibly to teach children the sounds and looks of letters and how they’re used in common words, and he comes to a difficult letter, he does things like “Big Z, little z, what begins with Z? A Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, as you can plainly see!”

riiiiight. obviously.

henry has this and a few books sort of memorized so when we’re on letter “F” he’s already saying “googoo goggles” for ‘G.’ (or his version of it). because every kid needs to know how to spell googoo goggles. 🙂

he identifies lots of things now, and it’s pretty impressive. we’re frankly shocked by how much he’s saying and seems to be comprehending. we’re in a bit of a panic that he might be one of those smart kids who needs nurturing and stuff. which sounds like a lot of work. and it makes me afraid for all the lapses in my learning that i’m sure to find. robb was talking about someone in bangladesh yesterday and in my brains i’m thinking, “is that near russia? i know it’s on one of the 9 continents…wait! 7! 7 continents! oh, crap. is it a suburb of chicago? what is robb saying? is he still talking!? i missed it all. ok, face, look like you’re right there with him. good. i think we fooled him. no? blergh.”

but, really. it’s so fun to watch henry learn. and at this stage, i’m getting a big kick out of helping him figure things out and encouraging his efforts. i clap and carry on when he correctly identifies animals and shapes and letters and stuff, but we have one conflict. he watches ‘the muppets’ and when he sees miss piggie, he says “PIG!” all happily, and does the sign for pig (finger to nose) and is all proud of himself. but i’m like, ‘look, kid. she’s a sophisticated lady pig. that’s MISS PIGGIE to you, chump.’ i mean, RESPECT, right??

and i mentioned that he has moved up ‘grades’ at school,? he’s with 2-3 year olds now. so he’s littler, but he’s keeping up with them. and…i think they’re jumping him into their gang. he’s got a scab on his chin, a goose-egg on his forehead. kid looks like a hot mess. but he seems to be having fun, so i guess i’ll leave baby fight club alone for now. (you should see the OTHER kid. yea.)

and he’s not really that much smaller than the other brutes. we just took him for his 18 month visit and he’s in the 50th-70th% for all measurements. weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs. he’s very healthy and his belly enters a room first, just as it should be at this age. 🙂

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