Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013!!

well, it’s the 28th now. which means i’m officially way WAY behind on blogging, and also that Christmas has past.

it makes me so sad when people talk about “surviving” the holidays or “getting through until january” or whatever, since, obviously, Christmas is the ‘greatest day in the whole wide world.’ but…i get it a little. that much merriment (food, alcohol, smiling) does leave you tired and over-stuffed eventually.

especially when traveling with a toddler. when i’m tired and overwhelmed, i might get quiet and pout in a corner. when henry is tired and overwhelmed, he paints the floor with his snotty tears. i might be more quick to snap at robb, henry throws a shoe. (honestly? who throws a shoe?). and he had a lot asked of him. i think we had 6 or 7 different gift-opening parties while visiting our families. that’s a lot for a little guy.

you smell like beef and cheese! you sit on a throne of lies!

having said that, we really did have an amazing Christmas and wonderful break. we got to see almost all of our people, Christmas Eve service was lovely, and we got to share some wonderful gifts with our families and friends. i wrapped a few presents to people from henry so he gets used to the idea of giving. i think it’s so important to be a good, gracious giver. he sort of got it. he says “here you go” and generally lets go when someone takes what he’s giving them.
and he opened his own presents well. what a wonderful pile of loot he got!  of course, wanted to play with the first thing he opened and ignore the rest every time. 🙂 but he got a lot of new books and movies and toys and even a basketball hoop and a wagon.

loves his new wagon! we all burned some calories running him around the house in it. 🙂

we got him a new snowsuit and all the snowy accoutrement. so far, loving it. 🙂

Merry Christmas, all! and Happy New Year!!!

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