Date Night

(…was a totally disappointing movie starring the awesomely awesome tina fey and steve carrell. fizzle. plop).

robb and i got a babysitter and went out last night. and it was fantastic!!!

i was musing that, at the time we didn’t realize it, but before henry, all day, every day was a date night. we could go eat meals anywhere, anytime, and go to movies, museums, whatever and weren’t constrained or defined by nap or bedtimes or temper tantrums.

but now, not only is life way more super fun because of henry monster, but when robb and i DO get out just the two of us, we appreciate it that much more. we really relish our time together. and this was a crazy fun time.

because it was so great, i’m now going to discuss it in great detail. skip ahead a bit if you’re bored by me at all.

we had the babysitter (a good friend’s grad school age daughter who has sat lots of times before) come at 5pm, so we were the first ones to the restaurant at 5:15pm to eat dinner(!)…because we are chic and sophisticated young people. 🙂 it was an upscale mediterranean restaurant and the food was amahzing (might be best fatoosh salad i’ve ever had).  the lebanese red blend wine i had was surprisingly tasty. and robb even had a cool grown up drink (gin, eucalyptus simple syrup, muddled strawberries and soda).

we then went to see “the hobbit” in 3D, which was completely fun and well done and even though it was 3 hrs long, we had no trouble staying awake and interested. which is a testament to the story line and delivery, because this theater has reclining squishy chairs with foot rests and the arm rests come up so we could cuddle and lie back….but, anyway, the movie was great. the scene i remember most from reading the novel as a kid was the cave scene between bilbo and gollum, and it was just as fun and weird and playful as it should have been. and the scenery was beautiful, the elf and hobbit and goblin and orc and dwarf worlds were also rich and well-constructed. good stuff. and cate blanchett is pretty. so very pretty.

ANYWAY, then we went to a mexican restaurant/sports bar and ate guac and drank margaritas and watched some football and giggled together a lot.

so the whole night was just a riot and totally got us back into oogly googly love for each other.

and i know that getting a sitter is expensive, but i think it’s worth it now and then. i don’t know exactly what/how to pay a babysitter, so i just pay a lot and hope they come back. 

here’s my babysitter math:

7 hrs at about $10/hr (i know, maybe a lot for 1 kid, but he’s our PRECIOUS)
Dinner and bath time bonus $10
Bedtime bonus $10
Kid pooped in bath bonus $10
(Paying someone else to clean up floating turd= priceless

and after the sitter left, henry slept and robb and i loved up on each other. and it was relaxed and fun and i felt like myself again. so maybe my libido’s back! WOOOOOOOHOOOO!  it only took a year and a half. plus the 9 months before that. plus the 2 years before that….heh.

i think date nights are important now and then. helps us remember why we liked each other enough in the first place to make a henry. kind of brings us back to our center.

hope you all had super fun saturday nights, too!

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