Well, It Finally Happened. Daycare Mommy is Better than Mommy Mommy

not really. 🙂

but the tide has turned. and now instead of him crying and carrying on when we drop him off, the other morning when robb was walking out in the morning, henry looks up from where he was already playing with his friend and says “bye, bye daddy!”

and THEN when i was picking him up the other afternoon….unfortunately timed….his class was just about to go to the “romper room” so while i was getting his coat on in the hallway, the little ducklings all waddled by on their way there and he just sort of joined the line. started marching and grabbed for a hand to hold (not mine). and by the time i chased him in there, he had crawled under this play gym thing and gotten himself wedged in there and was giggling maniacally. completely ignoring my calls, i  basically had to drag him out by an ankle while he was protesting…loudly.

with all the staff and kids watching.

so that was cool. 🙂

but, really, i’m just really glad he’s happy there. he seems to love to play and draw and all the other tiny person things they do. he eats and sleeps well for them. they’re not the best at changing cloth diapers, but that takes some getting used to. no major harm done, we’ll just do a little more laundry.

and even though he’s going throught the normal toddler territorial and emotionally uneven stuff, i think slowly he’s learning to share and socialize with others. he still hits and bites and growls like a trapped bear if you threaten to take anything of his, but maybe it’s a little better? and when he’s not plotting your death, he’s a pretty sweet, compassionate guy.

he doles out hugs very intentionally, which is amazing. last night while we were feeding henry dinner, robb hit his elbow on a door (i left open. on purpose. because i do that) and he was hopping around clutching it and asked henry if he wanted to kiss it to make it better. henry grabbed his arm and planted a big smooch on his elbow and then said “hug? hug” and reached to be picked up. once he had hugged robb, he sat happily back down in his highchair and kept eating.

love that.

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