Anxious to Get Home to This Person

robb and i have been traveling in southern california. it’s been fun and busy, but also very relaxing. it’s great to have time just the two of us. BUT WE MISS OUR MONKEY!

my mom has been a total rock star and has stayed with him the whole time. they’ve had a ball and it sounds like henry hasn’t had much angst over our absence.

in fact, we skyped him yesterday and when he first saw me he said “MOMMY” and then whimpered a little. but it was more like, “i forgot i was supposed to be miserable without you. huh. i’d forgotten all about that. what with all the fun i’ve been having, it completely slipped my mind.” and that was it, a few little whines and he was done.

i think he asks for us at bedtime, but part of that is a diversion technique. he’s getting really sneaky finding ways to get out of going to sleep. he asks for water. he says he’s hungry. even when we’re there, he begs for whichever parent is not rocking him ‘to sleep’ at the time and when that doesn’t work, he asks for the dog. 🙂

anyway- we’ve done ok being away from him but are certainly ready to get home. miss and love!

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