well, in the four days we were gone, henry started talking. like, to make a point, not just to try out his voice.

regarding the benadryl i gave him tonight to tame down the red rashy beast that arose around his mouth after he ate something like 16 tomatoes and 34 oranges- he says, “i like it. it’s good. tasty.”

WTF, baby herman!?

he is also now counting. to… 2, but still!

it might be all a coincidence that it happened while we were away, but really it’s probably that my mom and sister offer a fresh new teaching style and gave him a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning and language that outshines our efforts. 🙂
and/or it’s amazing how quickly he changes and how much he learns in just a few days and we just don’t usually notice because we’re all up in it.

but it’s probably the genius grandma thing.

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