Since You Asked, And It’s All About Me…

i’ve had the privilege of spending time recently with several friends’ newborn babies. they’re so sweet and still and precious and wonderful.

and occasionally being around babies stirs my sub-cockle parts and makes me want to brew up another of my own.

but mostly, i’m just selfishly enjoying the phase henry is in where he can have a conversation with me (which usually goes like “do you want some pasta?” NO. “a burger?” NO. “a smoothie?” NO. “some eggs?” NO. “a knuckle sandwich?” ORANGE) and can play by himself.

and i kind of appreciate the feeling of freedom i have from him, too. i have flashes of guilt about this, but i really feel like i’ve gone through an emotional transition lately where i no longer feel like he desperately can’t live without me- and i’m good with it. i think, subconsciously, i felt like he was a tiny extension of myself and now i feel like he’s in his own little sphere. near mine, but separate.

lots of moms i know miss that early phase when all babies can do is hug you or cry if they aren’t hugging you. (and, of course, eat and poop, sometimes both at the same time. sometimes all while hugging you).

but i like that henry now has free will to hug me or…not (little snot. does he know how much i’ve sacrificed for him?! i kid, i kid. but, seriously! tummy, ass, and thighs!).

anyway. i’ve just been musing on how neither henry nor i broke while we were apart when i was in california. i would never have been able to leave him that long, even a few months ago. that’s progress. 

all this is just my babbling, because the decision about when and if to have a monkey II will involve what’s good for monkey I and us as a whole family, etc, etc. and it’s good to remind myself that henry has time-warped to this stage fairly quickly and another one might just do the same.

and on the plus side, newborns smell like hope and cheese.

tune in for my next post where i’ll tackle one of the following controversial topics: gun control in this country, abortion today, or whether vegan mayonnaise is as good as the real stuff.

and now enjoy henry doing a cupcake dance. 

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