Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming….

one of my most favoritist people in the world is going through IVF for infertility right now.

(i’m harassing her constantly to blog for me so she can share her experience with y’all. if she doesn’t, i’ll do my own version of it but then i have free artistic control and i’m going to make her a mermaid and her husband a centaur and he’s going to have to guard the eggs she hatches at the bottom of the ocean but that’s a problem because he’s half horse and half human and no parts able to breathe underwater…you see where i’m going with this…and how she should probably just do what i say.)

anyway- it’s been a rough road of many MANY hormones, painfully injected and swallowed by pill and she’s experienced all kinds of changes and anxiety and stress just leading up to the point where her nest is full enough of good looking eggs for harvest. that happened today. she’ll have to share all the details with you, but suffice it to say it’s scary and painful and involves big needles and lots of anesthesia. they also got some baby batter from her husband (also leading the pack of my most favoritist people, by the way) and they will assess the quality of her eggs and his sperm and combine the good stuff to make some winning embryos. these winning embryos will then be allowed to grow for a few days, reassessed for quality and then some number will be transferred into her uterus to (God willing! PLEASE DO IT!) attach and grow a human person(s). (or, you know, mermaid/centaur creature(s), as the case may be).

so today was a big day. and i’m SO EXCITED for them! but it’s also so scary and uncertain and painful and overwhelming.

and i just want you all to pray for her if you would. please, please. to whomever you talk to right now when you’re looking for support and strength- please just ask that my mermaid friend heals quickly and feels physically, emotionally, mentally strong and prepared to face these next steps. and please pray for health of these little starter people to be robust and whole and eager to get borned.

thank you.

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