“Look, I’m Sorry, But I’m Going to Have to be Sick All Over You, Immediately. Lie Down.”

anyone have any idea from what movie i pulled that obscure quote in the title of this post? 10,000 points to anyone who gets it right b/c it means we share a kindred love for under-appreciated early 90’s  cinema. starring phoebe cates. featuring carrie fisher.

anyway- henry has a nasty cold. head full of snot, temp, awful wet cough. i’ve been giving him tylenol fairly regularly and a few breathing treatments- he’s not wheezing, but i’m worried he’s tight, and it does seem to loosen his cough up some. and i kept him home with me today. we had a great day, but he feels lousy, so he was clingy and we mostly cuddled and watched movies. (not really a problem, that).

i’ve been reflecting on how he now has favorite/least favorite books, movies, shows, foods, clothes, toys, etc. it’s charming to see him embrace the things we’ve been doing since he was tiny, now that he can discern a bit.

for example, we’ve always rocked him to sleep in the glider in his bedroom, so now if i’m walking him around trying to calm him he’ll say “SIT ON CHAIR.” and once we do, he falls asleep. cuz that’s how it’s done.

and one of my favorite children’s books that we’ve had forever is “i love you, stinky face” by lisa mccourt. it’s all about the unconditional love from a mom to her kid, no matter what kind of beast he might become (stinky skunk, green alien, big, scary ape, etc) and how she’d still find ways to love him and take care of him. it’s adorable. and silly. and now that we’ve read it approximately 300 times, henry knows it backwards and forwards. he names all the animals and fills in blanks and such.

but as of last night, we’ve ruined it.

when questioned if he were to become a ‘green alien from mars who eats bugs instead of peanut butter,’ the mom responds to her son about how she would fill his lunchbox full of tasty bugs and make him a bug sandwich. i kind of fake gagged at the idea of eating bugs and then…

you can see what happened from there. and now every time we even talk about reading this book, henry is making barf noises and throwing himself dramatically about the bed.

🙂 he’s ridiculous.

all the best ones are.

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