The Good, The Bad, and The…Good Personality

boy, it’s been a week. ups and downs and lots of new questions. in an attempt to keep the world balanced, i’m reviewing the happy and the rotten events that have transpired.

in happy news, a good friend of mine got a splendid job that she wanted badly that brings her closer to her hubby (and, incidentally, also to me)

in rotten news:  robb (and half his department) was laid off from his company last week. sudden and shocking, but we’re hopeful and excited for change.

in happy news: our greyhound, mia has gotten through two amputations on the same toe to remove a skin(claw) cancer and the pathology report shows that they got it all! and no more pain/limp/misery!

in rotten (stinking, festering sewage rot) news:  our good friends  have fought the good fight for a long time and yet still their 1st attempt at IVF did not work, they are not pregnant. they were reallllly hoping they wouldn’t have to look at it as their “1st attempt” but would instead have all that bloody nonsense behind them and be good and knocked up by now. sigh. rest, recover, rebuild. sigh again.

in happy news: we had a GORGEOUS cold weekend at my parents’ peaceful river cabin with monkey and the fam. great for the soul.

in rotten (you’re stupid, nobody likes you, news) news: a good friend’s body is rebelling against her AGAIN! she’s a total spitfire hero survivor genius and will conquer all, but for now, her mind and body are both troubled.

in big happy news: baby CURED (cured! cured!) of HIV. this one saved and Dr. Science working up larger scale solution from it. huzzah.

and we’ll leave it there, on a happy note, i think. otherwise we could go all night.

so, prayers if you got them in you would be greatly appreciated. both in thanks for all the great stuff of the world and also asking that everyone who is lost and hurting or feels alone or like they’re at their wit’s end is granted some peace and strength and a real sense of hope and healing and empowerment.

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