Demonstrating Excellent Medical and Parental Judgement Every Day

well, our monday started off great after a wonderful weekend (zoo. fam dinner date friday. friends dinner/movie date saturday. warm weather. spring cleaning). monday is my day off and robb’s off right now, so we all spent a few hours snuggling and continuing to deep clean the house, and then i took henry to day care and went to yoga and robb took mia dog to get her final sutures out! all was well in our world.

and as i was walking out from yoga, all zen’d out, namaste’ing the world all around me, i checked my phone and found a voicemail from daycare, saying henry had run head-first into a corner of a table and split his lip all the way through.


so we raced to go pick him up. i was picturing him wailing and gnashing and bleeding all over (nobody makes him bleed his own blood. nobody), but when we got there, he was being pushed around the school by the director in this giant stroller sled thing and was hollering “weeeeeeee!!!” and “mommy! boo boo!” all grins and giggles.

and the lip didn’t look too bad at that point, but i remember enough from PA school about lip injuries to know sometimes they require a plastic surgeon/dentist, depending on the damage, and i couldn’t really see what was going on up in there.

so we took our first trip to the ER. can i just pause real quick to say THANK YOU GOD that monkey is almost 2 years old and this was our first visit to the EC and it was for NOTHING?

yea, so basically with good lighting it was obvious that nothing should be done other than to pat us on the head and tell me to get my yoga-stinkin-hyper-active-mom-ass out of there to make room for people with actual problems. so we did just that.

we kept him with us the rest of the day and he was fine, fine, fine. there was occasional discussion of the boo boo, but i think he was just using it when he wanted to “WATCH TV” (he chants this constantly, and then names the show flavor he’s got a taste for “DINSORE TRAIN CHOO CHOO” or “GEORGE” or “ELMOOOO”….have i also mentioned that when i’m flipping channels to find a cartoon he says, very seriously, irritatedly as i pass cooking shows, news, sitcoms, anything without talking animals, “no.” “no.” “no.” …monster, we have created.)

we also baked cookies. cookies are soft and great for mouth injuries. i know this because i went to PA school. 

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