Bounce Bounce Bounce Snore.

we had a marvelous Easter. big breakfast and great church service and lots of running around in the sunshine and eating more good food and visiting with family and drawing with chalk and riding our bikes(!)…it felt like actual spring!  and it was amahzing. sunshine really does make everything seem great.

Easter 2012 and Easter 2013

tons of fun. but busy fun.

i’m hoping that one of these weekends we can just. do. nothing. i don’t see it happening for a long while. we’ve had a chaotic march and april and may are expected to be the same.

robb and i both are finding ourselves in new jobs, starting in the next few weeks. big excitement, but also stressful change. we are feeling mostly relief that we won’t be having to move across the country or anything, but will instead be staying local, in this community that we love.

this is pretty much how we feel about our home and our lives here.

so there’s a lot of newness and changes afoot. and big celebrations coming up- both robb and henry’s bday in the next couple months, a few weddings…busy and fun. and less than a month until disney!!!

if we don’t sleep through it all.

sleep is not happening for us these days. i don’t know if it’s that henry j. monkeybutt is getting his molars, or what, but he’s (and we’s) up by 5:30 every morning. and rising that early hasn’t changed how much tom-foolery and trickery happens on the bedtime end of things. he’s not going to bed any earlier and putting him down is still like a chess match where the winner gets to keep some of his/her sanity. just now, i found myself like in poe, creeping out of his room one infinitesimal hair at a time, deliberately and delicately, watching the whole time for any signs of changes in the bed. cripes.

i’m pretty sure that was on a list of what “i’ll never do as a parent” i wrote back when i was making those kind of lists. oh, honey. 

anywho. that’s the what’s what on us right now. i’ve got a lot of post ideas back-logged that i swear i’ll get to just as soon as i can.

hope you all had a beautiful Easter, too.  🙂

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