22 Months Old!

should i take it as a sign that henry is ready to potty train that instead of finding him throwing toys into his dirty diaper bin today (like usual), i caught him trying to put a book in the toilet?

it also might have been a commentary on the book. it was not great.

i yelled to stop him before text met toilet water and scared him into a deep frown and some tears.

but tears these days are not to be trusted anyway. recently he started saying ‘henry sad. ‘henry crying’ and the proceeds to histrionically fake cry. so either he’s just really in touch with his emotions already, or he’s figuring out that tears mean action on our part.

clever boy.

he’s also jabbering up a storm. it turns out that walrus is his favorite animal and brown is his favorite color. he told me he wanted to “hold the D” this morning, and to my relief, he was pointing to a letter ‘D’ magnet on the fridge.

it’s exciting how he strings words together. we can literally watch ‘click’ after ‘click’ as he figures things out.

we’re looking at a busy few weeks! this week i leave my current job and then we go up north for a little getaway before the whole big family gathers to celebrate an impending cousin getting married to  a super cool guy! (as a cousin, you don’t get a vote on who they marry, so we count ourselves extremely lucky that she picked a great one).  then we both start our new jobs and work, exhaustingly, for an entire week(!) before we go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

so it’ll be a big, great month, i foresee.

 he dragged this thing across the house today. was very proud. 

he’s very good at being silly. it’s kind of his wheelhouse.
this came from his great-grandpa, ‘big hank’ who visited cape canaveral last year.

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