I Got It Wet AND I Exposed It to Sunlight AND I Fed It After Midnight, So I Kind of Had it Coming

henry usually makes it pretty easy to feel super awesome about my parenting skills. most of the time he sort of just does what he should and i’m like, ‘oh, thank God. i can just sit here.’

but once in a while, we have a moment like tonight when he didn’t eat much dinner and later asked for specific things, which, when given, he promptly got mad at and rejected like i was trying to feed him dead squirrel or something. all this time screaming at the top of his lungs. so to shake him out of his crazy, i (gulp) sat him down on the couch with me to cuddle and watch some TV (ok. to be fair, they’re PBS cartoons, so it hardly counts).

he calmed down and after a few minutes, i tried to turn him around to face me to talk, and he hit me on the cheek.

so i made him say he was sorry and then i turned off the tv and refused to turn it back on.

and so henry leaves and Zuul shows up and is out-and-out hairy-fitting all over the place. like actually climbing backwards up the walls and creepy spider crawling across the ceiling and stuff.

he banshee shrieked through his entire bath. the worst part, that he kept repeating “I SOLLY. I SOLLY. I SOLLY. CAT IN HAT. I SOLLY. GEOOOOORGE. I SOLLY. MUPPET SHOOOOW.”

eventually he calmed down and we made nice while he ate an apple and i read him books in my bed.

and then it took him next to no time to fall hard asleep.

but i feel like a giant mean failure. i told him as i was rocking him to sleep that sometimes he’ll have to help me figure out how to be a good mommy and i promise i’ll do the same and help him figure out how to be a good (mogwai) little boy. 

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