MOMMY is the Bomb-y

henry is my little buddy. he always has been. there’s negative connotations (stupidly) to saying he’s a ‘mama’s boy,’ but, really, let’s call a clingy spade a spade. he is.

and by that, i mean, that it seems i am his security blanket, rock, safe haven, happy place, and wind beneath his wings.

he needs me when he is sleeping, when he is awake, when he’s playing and eating. he also needs me when i am sleeping, awake, eating and doing anything in the bathroom. many showers i can hear him whining in the hallway just outside the door and robb doing his darndest to negotiate with him to do something (anything!)  else, or at least to whine a few feet away. (MOMMY?…mommy’s in the shower….MOMMY?…..give mommy a few minutes, she is trying to clean herself, she’s taking a bubbles….MOMMY. NO DADDY. NO BUBBLES. MOMMY?!!). sigh. my hair didn’t really need conditioning anyway. 🙂

and it’s kind of amazing being someone’s my precious, but it’s also kind of exhausting.

robb somehow doesn’t let it hurt his feelings too much. i don’t know how. i would want to throw the kid if i was on the receiving end of “NOOOOOO DADDY! GO AWAY!” they have so much fun together and absolutely adore each other, but if henry’s at all off his game (like lately in the mornings when his head’s been spinning 360 and there’s green soup coming out and the old priest and young priest just don’t ever get there quite in time before we have to leave for work/daycare…) all he wants is MOMMY. 

ah, well. i know he won’t always feel this way, so i’ll take the sticky hands in my hair as he grips onto me for dear life. it’s kind of great. 🙂

he’s talking up a storm. he chatters all the time. his pronouns are still coming around, which leads to funny conversations like:

MY WANT TO WATCH ELMO……no, henry, we’re not watching TV right now, we’re getting ready to leave….MY NEED ELMO….my does not need elmo right now. my will have to wait until later. i mean, you will have to wait until later….MOMMY!

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