Being the Growed Up Is So Stoopid and Hard Sometimes

yeah, so 2 year olds have these fits and require this parenting and all of it is very hard.

and it’s so easy just to indulge the tiny dictator with what he’s demanding to get him to go back to being quiet and happy…but you know that the right thing to do is to stick to your guns and make him do the right thing that’s being asked of him and then eventually he’ll learn some stuff and in time grow up to be a good respectable citizen.  (RIGHT?)

but it really is hard because it’s inconvenient (especially when it happens in public or when you’re in a hurry) and it hurts your heart. all you ever want is this little person to be happy and well and in this moment he is destroyed! ruined! heart-broken! and you could fix it all just by letting him watch a TV show or stay up later or whatever…but instead you have to do the right thing and refuse the TV show or late bedtime even with him screaming “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! mommy? MOMMY” and sobbing hysterically.

it’s awful.

good parenting is not for the faint of heart. and it’s so confusing sometimes because your emotions are all wrapped up in his and you want what he wants because you want him to be content. always.

but sometimes he wants crazypants stuff and you have to kill his dreams. not fun.

all that being said, i operate from a ‘pick your battles wisely’ philosophy and probably give in too easily on a lot of things, trading happy kisses for what could have been a learning moment.

we’re both still new at this.

i’m sure i’ll have it totally ironed out for the next one. totally.  🙂

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