My Want an Oompa Loompa NOW, Daddy.

life with henry right now is a really funny and (mostly) fun roller coaster. i’ve taken to calling him mr. jekyll and mr. hyde, because he can go from happy and friendly to ferocious and out of control in a split second (he hasn’t had time yet to get his MD or PhD, so i can’t, in good conscious, call him doctor).

his language skills are booming. we hear him sample sentences and proper word order and conjugations….”my want apple” is becoming “i want a big apple.” both are often followed by fits of rage if we get the apple wrong somehow or aren’t fast enough with it or whatever, but at least the grammar of tiny dictator’s demands is improving. it’s making me more aware of my own grammar and i’m attempting to be less sloppy with my language around him, because he practices saying everything we say to him.

he sort of knows that i’m pregnant. kind of. he saw the ultrasound (argh! meant to post those pics ages ago. i’ll get to it, i swear. already baby #2 isn’t getting proper photographic documentation of his/her life). when you ask him what’s in my belly, often he’ll say “baby.” but then if you ask him what’s in HIS stomach, he’ll also say “baby” (feat of science right there).  we have friends with a 7 m/o son, isaac, whom henry adores (see me working on my grammar there? eh? eh?) and calls ‘baby isaac.’ so when henry discusses the baby in my stomach, it’s always ‘baby isaac.’ he will be disappointed when out comes a tiny squirmy worm instead of the super fun baby isaac. i guess he’ll have to adjust.

he’s a pleasant combo of independent and confident and still cuddly and affectionate and needy. it’s getting a wee bit challenging to pick him up every time he demands, because i’m roughly the size of a sedan and he’s growing a lot lately (tall, big, all of it), and he especially wants to be carried when i’m also carrying groceries. or he especially wants my attention when i’m indisposed. see below.

this is about what it’s always like when i’m in the bathroom. you can hear robb trying to help in the background. and after i tell henry to give me a minute, he gets quiet.

but i can hear him breathing out there.

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