How Do You Like ‘Dem Apples?

a request came in from korea today for pics of my belly.

so here you go, in all its glory. you may have noticed my other mounds just north of the big show. if you did, you’re not alone. everyone else is noticing lately, too.

the other day in the locker room at work a nurse i hardly know said “whoa. your boobs. i mean, whoa.” i laughingly told her about my misadventures of trying to adjust to (a droopier version of) jessica rabbit’s life and she just kept shaking her head, looking appalled/amused.

then tonight, henry did a ninja move and pulled out my shirt and reached into my cleavage crack (i mean, this is a risky maneuver- kid could asphyxiate in there) and said “what in der?” i shoo’d him away and asked him, “what do you think is in there?” and he answered “apples!”

oy. once again, so SO much therapy.

for both of us, this time.

things are going well, though. i’m feeling more movement from the deuce every day, which is just as fun as i remember it.

and i feel pretty good. totally emotionally basket-casey, but i’m holding it together enough to be a functional adult. so far. mostly.

henry’s had a grand few weeks. we went to a Renaissance fair where he saw a sword fight and got his own sword..and is now swording everything around him, always. he’s ‘armed’ all the time at home when not in the bath or bed. we WERE a nonviolent people, not samuch now.

he went to an apple orchard with his aunt and her fella and rode another pony (“what did you ride, henry?”……”a camel”) and pet a goat (“what did you pet, henry?”….”an eagle.”…..sometimes i think he’s f’ing with us on purpose). and got a cute pumpkin and drank 3 gallons of cider. and he’s gone to a pro baseball game and hung out with family and, we’ve been really a great time and loving the fall.

and he’s taken a few weeks of swimming lessons where he’s alone w/ the teacher and a classmate and we’re not in there with him. he’s being a rockstar. well, except the time when he didn’t have his little cohort in there with him and it was just him and the teacher- then he screamed for an agonizing 13 minutes before we gave up the ghost and went and saved him. but when the other little boy is there (leighton. my hero. the wind beneath our wings), he does just great. huge grin the whole time.

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