Dancing Babies and Psychotic Breaks

temper. tantrums.

this morning we dared to make henry a breakfast sammich and cut it in half (OH THE HUMANITYYYY) and so he threw himself about his room for the next 20 minutes telling us to go away and writhing out of all his clothes so that he was just an angry red diaper-clad dancing baby. he eventually monstered his way out of the diaper, too. 

so much angry nudity.

although it’s annoying and makes us late for work and such, i have trouble getting too frustrated with him.

he’s learning SO much, i mean EVERYTHING right now. his letters , numbers, colors, shapes, manners, words, physical coordination, how to handle relationships, what to expect out of the universe and where he falls within it….i mean, all of it. he started with pretty much nil, and not all that long ago. and of all the ways you have to become a person, all the tackle in your “self” tool box, i think emotional awareness and control is probably the hardest thing.

i know folks rounding into 40 years old who can barely understand and then master their emotions and don’t just fall apart when they don’t get their way…..so i give henry some leeway at 2.

now, it’s possible that those 40 y/o’s are only out of control adults because their parents never trained them properly when they WERE 2 y/o’s and then i might be regretting this tactic completely when he’s a 6′ tall angry naked dancing man.

but so far, i’m encouraging him to use his words, take deep breaths, find his calm, and use other methods to express his maniacal hatred for non-intact sandwiches.

here’s where i admit that i’ve read nary a toddler-training parenting book and ask if any of you out there have any advice on how to get him through this growing period. 

please and thank you.

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