Dogs and Humans Living Together…Mass Hysteria!

i think i’ve made mention before about how i struggle to like my dog now that we have kid. she’s a geriatric greyhound whom we’ve had for 7 years. and honestly, she’s awesome. but i kind of want to accidentally on purpose leave her on a nice farm somewhere.

she really is a really good dog. super laid-back and wanting to please. she stays mostly out of the way and doesn’t bark or whine much or get into too TOO much trouble. but she just…is. she’s one more critter requiring attention and service and sometimes (most of the time) i find myself seeing her as a duty more than a pleasure.

and then sometimes i feel like a real dick for feeling that way.

like tonight, when henry was lying on the changing table while i put on his jammies and we heard mia clickity-clacking her way toward us and he said, unprompted, “her my best friend.”

oh, maaaaaan! ok, you’re right! she’s the best most wonderfulest and i should be more diligent about brushing her teeth and should take her for more full-assed walks and we ought to CUT those claws so they’re not clickity-clacking all over the house like that and i’ll TOTALLY get you two matching friendship bracelets to wear and…

an hour later we found her with one of his poopy diapers across the house from where it started.

she can brush her own teeth. 

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