Sex Toys, Facewash, Bread and Apples

robb and i celebrated our 11th anniversary this weekend. and i realized recently that this year i’ve been with him for half my life. whoa.

we feel extremely blessed and relieved and, sort of, shocked that we still enjoy each other as much as we do.

and why aren’t we tired of each other yet? this is something with which i’m genuinely perplexed. 

sharing with one person all parts of your emotional, financial, sexual, other physical, spiritual, and family life is a lot to ask.

it’s not easy, but it’s been worth making it work.

we’re still a work in progress, but we’ve definitely gotten better over the years with how we communicate with each other and how we face life’s decisions, changes, and tragedies together.

we talk to each other. a lot. so i don’t think there’s time for us to ‘grow apart,’ because we’re always chatting about what’s going on in our heads, our hearts, our mutual and independent lives, and the world around us. we stay up on current events (ok, more like robb reads, i steal his cliff-note version of everything) and try to always stay alert and relevant in the world and to enjoy each others minds and not just get bogged down with the gruesome minutia of who forgot to buy diapers and who’s turn it is to do the hand-wash dishes.

we try to be respectful and to always speak nicely to one other.

we strive to love each other ‘like Christ loved the church’… honoring with everlasting support and service….we’re close, i think…

…if Christ on occasion told the church to f*ck off…

…which i don’t think He did…so, see? we’re still working on it.

and we laugh together a lot. there are times that we’re having more work than fun in our relationship, but not many. and i guess at this point, i don’t mind the work. in fact, we’ve seen it pay off, so we know it’s worth the time and energy. and when we do have ‘trouble times,’  we’ve accumulated enough years behind us to know that they won’t kill us and that we’ll find a way through them.

we still surprise each other. robb shocks me with something he says/does at least once a week. and when you spend this much time with someone for this long, i think you have to let yourself still be surprised. we must remain open to it because surely we’ve heard each others jokes and can see it coming by now. but somehow he never feels stale to me.

so, i guess i’m saying i feel so blessed and amazed that we’re still having so much fun, this many years into it. i thought about writing this post when i laughed because i had on my shopping list the week before our anniversary “sex toys, face wash, bread, apples.”

the stuff of life has to be dealt with. school lunches made, bills paid, rooms painted, clothes washed. but we also have to try to stay exciting and interesting to each other and ourselves.

hence, the apples.


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