Are You Ready for Some Whining on the Internet?

it’s been a stressful week.

last weekend i attended an incredibly intense recertification seminar for my physician assistant license. (10-12 hr days in a classroom, earned me my hemorrhoid i was waiting for. finally. so glad you could make it. was sure hoping you’d come join the party). we have to do this every so many years.

being gone from henry for 5 days was SUPER FUN for him being with grandma and grandpa, but i missed him terribly. robb and i have fun on our own without the short tag-along, but i was glad to get back home to him. so then i had a few days of studying/spending time with monkey butt and trying to get house stuff done while hitting the dentist and doctors appts i never get to do because i’m always working.

my 26 week OB visit went ok. heart rate is good, but baby is a little small for gestational age, so i’ll go back in a few weeks to see how it’s tracking. makes me nervous, but anatomical ultrasound and all testing has been fine, so hopefully it’s just a little hiccup. i also took my glucose tolerance test to see if i have the gestational diuhbeetus. i am waiting on those results. (the red sugar shot is WAY mo’ bettah than the orange one. please note).

then i took my exam and it was long and tedious and terrifying and terrible and i don’t know if i passed. it makes me question myself and all my choices and i hate that feeling. should-ave’s and could-ave’s will kill you every time,  i guess.

anyway, between that and taking an advanced life support class this coming week, if you just HAVE to have a heart attack around me, do it now, because i’ll never know more about fixin’ you than i will right now while it’s fresh-ish in my brain.

let me take a moment to comment on how fuzzy and slow my brain is. in general, but especially while i’m pregnant. so that’s pretty awesome.  yeah, maybe don’t have a heart attack around me after all, mmmmk?

and when i went to the dentist, i also took henry for his first dental visit. he did great, but turns out that him using a pacifier all this time while he’s sleeping does more than just stifle his intelligence and chances of succeeding at life and not becoming a serial killer, it ALSO causes an overbite.

and so now whenever i look at him or hear a (previously adorable) little lisp in his speech, i’m sure it’s because we’ve ruined him forever by being lazy good-for-nothing parents relying on all the tricks to keep him quiet/happy.

so we’re also working on ridding ourselves of the paci once and for all. he still has a blanket he sleeps with and might have it well into high school. i’m ok with that as it does not effect his jaw, only his psyche.

sigh. what else? we have friends-like-family in pain and that pains us to our cores.

so, you know, stressful.

but as i want to acknowledge always- many blessings all around us.

just currently also lots of opportunities for increased blood pressure.

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