What? Who? Where am I?

sorry, it’s been 10 years since i’ve caught up on here. things are going great! just super busy. home, work, traveling every weekend, busy, busy, busy.

henry is marvelous. funny and precocious and learning and sharing new things every day. he had a crazy fun halloween and now wants to dress up in his costume and get candy all of the time.

thankfully, his generic green ‘peter pan’ costume can now double as an elf costume as the Christmas season approaches.

he is so excited for snow and every morning asks for his boots and mittens and coat, thinking, i believe, that if he’s dressed for it, the snow will arrive and will be properly ready to be made into many a snowmen.

the baby-in-the-belly is doing well. i keep going back for, more or less, weekly ultrasounds because there are just little things amiss. the growth was a concern, which seems better now. but then the umbilical cord pressures were kind of high, and most recently i was borderline anemic and then there was protein in my pee- which could be an early sign of preeclampsia. it’s the only sign so far (my blood pressure is fine and i am not swelling anywhere) and could be nothing more than dehydration since i work in the operating room where i have to be 5-6 hrs without any beverages all the time. but still, they’re watching me closely. which is fine. i’m 30 weeks now and feeling quite good, overall. and it’s fun to have an excuse to see the little noggin growing in there.

we’re all getting in the holiday mood around here. since we’re trying to wrap our brains around the fact that in just a few short months, we’re going to have a newborn AND a henry, we chant regularly that next comes thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the new baby. henry was too small to totally get Christmas last year, but this year he very much understands the presents and then decorations and the santa. the Jesus stuff will come in time, i guess. 🙂   and we’re presenting the baby’s arrival like a holiday to him, but we’ll see how long he’s enthused about that one.

i’m feeling very mellow about the arrival. have done absolutely nothing in buying stuff or moving stuff or reorganizing stuff. just waiting for the nesting thing to set in. so far, meh.

for now, we’ll Christmas shop. so glad we’re catalog people. 🙂


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