Merry Christmas!

what a fantastic Christmas! we got to see all of our wonderful families and many good friends. it was delightful. henry had an absolute ball. he can’t get enough of decorations and Christmas songs and, of course, presents. he really understood the present thing this year and it was tons of fun.


we’ve been telling henry since halloween that it goes halloween then thanksgiving then Christmas then (new year’s) then baby!
it’s feeling very imminent. this baby is crazy, busy active and getting big. i’ve been feeling more contraction-esque type feelings lately, but nothing substantive. we finally are almost ready with everything we need to meet the baby in the hospital and bring it home. 
nervous about the from here-to-then part, but very excited to actually meet the bean. 
more soon. we’re finally having a quiet evening together after a lot of holiday crazy, so i’m off to snuggle and watch “clue.”   🙂

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