Front Row Seat to the Goat Rodeo

well, i’ve had two small people under my care at home a few weeks now, but i’ve had such great help from my mom that i’ve barely been alone with them.

one of the days i was home alone with them last week, henry looked at me and said, “mommy, you don’t belong here.” (oh, really, where do i belong, love?) “you belong at work.”

i was a bit taken aback and was trying to talk myself into feeling some sort of bad about it, but then i realized i was only put out because he’d noticed. he’s totally correct!

it’s way easier at work. and the people are taller and yell so much less.

i’m keeping henry home right now to avoid the daycare germs getting into the house, but in truth, he belongs there, too. he learns so much there- numbers, letters, days of the week, how to share, how to take turns…here he is just working on using the remote control and how to mix the perfect gin and tonic. (i kid. sort of).

i think we have a good routine of living semi-independent lives during the weeks and then loving the snot out of each other on the nights and weekends.

but now it’s all blended and days become nights and nights become jokes and it’s all higgledy-piggledy.

but we’re slowly getting the hang of it.

in my brief time home, i have grown an appreciation for stay-at-home parents that i SHOULD have already, but never entirely, did, have. i’ve always been impressed by my friends and family who stay home because it’s obvious that it’s SO MUCH HARDER at home than it is at work. but it now seems miraculous that one adult person could manage more than one child person sanely at a time.

i’ll admit to having been a mom-asshole in my head a few times when my stay-at-home mom friends have complained about mondays. because it seems like, on paper, monday should be a lot like any other day if you don’t work outside the home. you get to stay home and you don’t have to get up and go to work…but now i realize, on mondays, when i’m working, i GET to get up and go to work. and on mondays when i’m home, robb GETS to get up and go to work and i’m left home alone with the crazy people.

so, sorry, to my friends out there who brave the crazy people every day by themselves. salute.

but, srsly, all in all, things are going well, i’d say. henry is pushing back a little and trying to skip naps and be a little sassy, but he’s coming around. and anna is pretty sweet and mellow so far.

it’s fun. like goat rodeos are fun.


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