I Am Proud Of…

i’ve been watching henry have moments of pride lately in what he’s doing right, and it’s gotten me thinking about all that i’m proud of. there’s a lot. please bear with me.

i love watching henry be proud of himself. my very favorite moments are when he’s done something new or big that we’ve been working on and he gets it right and he is SO PROUD of himself and his accomplishment. he lights up from his toes up. practically quivering with happy feels. it just makes my heart sing.

especially because lately it’s about him using the potty (he’s doing awesome with peeing in the potty, notsamuch with pooping…which will be really nice once he finally masters because he eats a huge amount of vegetarian food everyday and so produces huge, disgusting man-sized deuces. i’d like it if he would deposit them directly into the flushable toilet). or about sleeping. we got him a light-up alarm clock that glows green when it’s ok for him to get out of bed and it’s helped a lot. so when he wakes up and he sees the little alien-looking alarm clock glowing, he calls for us to come happy dance with him about it and he’s all beaming smiles. he gets so much satisfaction for a job well done. and a lollipop. he gets that, too.

another thing he’s been doing awesome lately is “pretembering.” this is how he says “pretending” and it’s so friggin cute, i can’t force myself to correct it. his imagination is taking off, and it’s totally fun to watch. he’s all kinds of animals all the time and we’re usually chasing something/being chased by a dinosaur, monster, mermaid, whatever. or he’s acting out scenes in his favorite movies. so awesome.

i’m also really proud that he knows how much we love him. we’ve chanted it to him his whole life and now it’s just expected, one of those things, mom & dad think i’m great, whatever. nbd. when i say ‘i love you,’ he says, ‘yeah. you do.’ and if i silently give him a hug or squeeze his hand or something, he absentmindedly says, ‘i love you, too.’ 🙂

and i’m proud of our 2 month old in a 6 month old’s body. anna is a little angel. she is just so sweet and quick to smile. i’ve been afraid to put it in writing because doing so will for surely curse us, but i want to give her credit publicly for being a miracle baby- she sleeps really well. and she eats REALLY well. she spits up all the time, but it’s not stopping her from collecting the calories and gaining the lbs. at this rate, i expect her to be about 6′ 4″, 280 lbs by the time she’s in middle school. so that’ll be good. i want a girl who can kick some ass.

and after carefully reflecting on our marriage at and after this marriage conference, i feel really proud about where we are in our togetherness. we’re more decent to each other when we fight than we used to be. we let things slide better than we have in the past. we share more. we laugh a lot. we still have a lot of sex. we crave time together to conversate about things that don’t involve the minutia of our daily lives. and we like each other’s quirks.

for example. for years, when robb asks for a piece of gum and i go to give it to him, i take it out of the package, lick it, and hand it to him. preferably wiping some of my spit on his hand when i hand it over. the whole thing grosses him out and makes me laugh. naturally. so at church, during this pretty serious lecture during the conference, i ask him for a piece of gum. when i look back over at him, he has neatly rolled it up and stuck it partway up his nose. then he gingerly removes it and tries to hand it to me. 🙂 i circumvented his disgusting effort, but i was very flattered that he’d taken my www and amplified it to an even bigger eww. that’s love. it’s all about putting the little extra effort in, right? 🙂

ok. thanks for enduring. i feel better when i count my blessings and sing loudly about them. especially when i’m also critically aware of my current stresses and shortcomings (the previous post).

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