It Turns Out Bananas Just Get Sweeter at 2 Months Old (Not Rotten at All Yet)

anna banana turned 2 months last week! she is super strong and hearty and easy-going. we just couldn’t be more blessed. and she is getting more fun and engaging every day. pretty quick to smile and, with some coaxing, laugh. and her laugh is great. it’s this awesome resonant belly laugh, because she has, well, quite a bit of belly. 

her 2 month well-visit went great. she didn’t love the vaccine shots, and was pretty out of it and unhappy for the remainder of the day, but she was happy right up to that point, showing off her mad head-holding skills for the MD. 

her measurements confirmed what we already knew- she’s a juicy tomato. 

weight: 13 lbs 3.5oz (81st%)
length: 23 3/4″ (92nd%)
head: 15″ (40th%)

(if you’re curious- henry, at that age was 12lbs 11oz/23 1/2″/15 1/2″)

things are going well. i’m returning to work in less than 2 weeks and have mixed feelings on that. i feel like i’ve just sort of gotten the hang of it here.

for example….here is a small slice of the ridiculousness that is my day.  yesterday morning, around 11am. we’re hanging out and anna makes some horrible baby explosion noises, so i go change her and she has sploded through all of everything she’s wearing. so i’m going to change her costume, but instead decide a bath is probably a better bet since there seems to be some…material…in her mullet.

she is bathed and smells like honey (for a few minutes until she, inevitably, goes back to smelling like cheese baby).  then i feed her and then pump, because i’m more full lately than she is hungry and i do NOT want mastitis, but i DO want a big freezer supply of milk before returning to work- anyway, i’m pumping. so halfway through henry says, “i need to go poop in the potty” and races back into the bathroom.

i pause pumping, cover up and follow him back and find a nightmarish vision. because it turns out he had already unloaded in his diaper- the same diaper he has dragged his hands through while dropping it to his ankles… i clean him up, again considering merely a costume change, but settling on a bath since “mommy, eww. poop on my knee. poop on my elbow!” so i dump him and about 300 toys in the bathtub to work things out and i go find anna, who is screaming by now, because she thinks poop elbow is gross, too.

so i quick finish pumping, keeping a loud conversation with henry going from across the house the whole time to make sure his face is properly above the water as it should be.

and just as I’m about to clean all my breast pump supplies, change anna again, wash and then get henry out of the tub and get him dressed again, robb calls with a conference call with our architect and contractor. so i still did all that stuff, and started a load of laundry, but all while talking about load bearing walls and whether or not we need to sound-proof the guest bathroom so we can’t hear people tinkle while we eat.

i’m thankful that this sort of moment doesn’t stress me out as much as it used to. i’m laughing through much of it, gagging through some of it, and trying hard to be thankful for the opportunity for the chaos.

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