Having a Bad Week? Apply Some Anna To It, Repeat Daily As Necessary

this kid. 3 months old and sturdy and strong and precious and funny and sweet and laid-back and awesome. i just can’t say enough about how great she is. we’re having a ball. she’s having no major probs at daycare. not loving the bottles, but when she’s hungry, she eats. and they jump through hoops to make her happy. she wakes up smiling and goes to sleep drooling. and smiling.

henry is also doing well. his imagination has just taken off and so we’re ‘pretembering’ all the time to be kings and queens, lions and snakes, and pirates. lots of pirates.

this is my 15 minutes this week that i actually get to spend with robb, so i’m going to go do that. (don’t ask. long hours at work, stupidly agreed to assistant direct a play, all kinds of other obligations…) but i will write more soon.


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