Squish Turns 4 Months Old!

anna is now 4 months old. we’ll go to her well-visit at the peds next week, but i’ll predict that they will say, “huge. she’s huge. carry on.”

in addition to being gigantic, she is the coolest baby. incredibly chilled out, rarely unhappy. she is always watching and looking for excuses to smile. and she laughs! i mean, a lot! we can make her belly laugh by just making goofy faces at her. and she engages back, making little noises that are clearly superb jokes that we just can’t quite yet decipher.

so smart and strong and big and and she’s just so sweet. she seems to have a really nice disposition. and she is always watching henry. it might be self-preservation, but i think she gets a kick out of him.

and when she does cry, she makes this perfectly sad little cartoon frown that just cracks me in two. so i pretty much do whatever she wants always to prevent having to see that.

i am just shaking my head in amazement at this gift from God. He has just loaded us up with blessings. so grateful and humbled.

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