My Baby Daddy Daddies Good

my husband used his amazon account to sign up for discount diapers and other bebe supplies by mail under a program called “amazon mom.”

anyone else see the issue with that?

it is still assumed that the women are handling all the child raising. and shopping? and, i guess, that men are doing all the money making. and beer drinking?

(don’t get me started on the unequal distribution of changing tables in women’s/men’s rooms in restaurants….because urinals and diapers can’t ever share space)

i might have (definitely do have) an exceptional man who more than carries his share of the ‘domestic responsibilities,’ but i think it’s fair to expect in 2014 that gender roles in the house/work force have changed enough that it would be more reasonably called ‘amazon parent’ by now? right?

tell me if i’m wrong, but it’s not really acceptable at this point for a man to dedicate himself entirely to his career and his hobbies and leave all the home and kid stuff to his partner, is it?

robb and i discussed this while i loafed on the computer and he folded laundry. then we giggled about that.

i have been braining much on topics of gender recently. maybe to do with having hatched a female child. more on this soon. but would love to hear any ideas you have!

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