Blessings in Abundance

well, we got anna dedicated this weekend. this is us committing to raise her knowing God and surrounded by good people who will help her grow to be a God-serving, people-serving person. it’s like baptism, except that she’ll have to choose at some point in her life when she’s old enough to choose, if she wants to make that commitment for herself. and then, by her own volition, she’ll get baptized into the church. this is more about our commitment to her.

and henry turned 3. and celebrated like a super hero.

so we had a big double birthday/dedication party for them and it was awesome. and so many wonderful friends and family showed up and we all got to squish together over cake and ice cream in our basement while the storm rolled over.

it was just joyful.

and henry was awesome, handled all the chaos like a big 3 year old champ. and anna was a little crabby, but she had the trifecta head cold-teething-constipation thing going, so considering that, she was awesome. (and today she resolved one of them. the *major* one, so is back to her grinning self. and henry pooped in the toilet instead of the wading pool. barely. but it counts. so it was a good poop day around here today. which means, of course, that it was a stellar day all around).

anyway. tired and happy. thankful for all the love and support. and these two incredible goofballs that God landed on us. whoa. i mean, whoa.

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