The Letter We Read to Anna at her Dedication

dearest anna-mal.
I’ve said this prayer thing over your brother, and now you, every night since you were born.

God loves you, mommy and daddy love you, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins, family and friends. and you love everybody, because you are good and kind, and loving and sweet…and smart, and fun and funny and special and important and beautiful and honorable. (to this, henry always says “mommy, don’t say ‘honorable.’ but that’s one of the most important ones, so i’m going to keep on saying it and defining it and helping you understand and become it). you’re doing a really good job being an anna. it’s not always easy, but you’re doing a great job. and we’re very proud of you. we love you.

sweet a
nna banana. we are really excited we get to be your parents. we haven’t even known you that long, but it’s already obvious how wonderful you are. God did a smashing job of matching you with us. we love who you are. you’ve already proven to be sweet and joyful, and hilarious, easy going, and very, very strong. your eyes are smart and watchful and always looking for something amusing. you are so quick to smile and laugh. may you always find life full of joy. and if for some reason it isn’t full of joy, find a way to make it yourself. this is a skill that should help get you through the hard times. because, as we tell your brother, life will sometimes be hard.
dearest anna kirsten. 
there’s great things that can come from hard times, too. but you won’t have to face them alone because you are a very blessed little girl. you have us, your brother, and all these great people here and out in the world fighting for you. and, most importantly, you have God.
ao thanks for being part of our family, for making us your parents, and for making henry a big brother! (he’s really good at it! we aren’t suprised). we will do everything we can to help you know you are amazing and loved, and to introduce you to God’s love, which is where we learned how to love in the first place.

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