5 Months Old and Feeling Fine

anna –> anna banana –> anna banana pants –> pants banana –> pantalones
the child is now being referred to as ‘pantalones’ (spanish for ‘pants’). because banana rhymes with pants. 
she is wonderful. eating like a champ. in fact, eating so much at daycare that i’m quickly being outmatched for my milk supply. going to have to amp up my efforts. but by next month we’ll start giving her some real food and those cheeks won’t be sustained on milk alone. 
she is very close to sitting on her own. she rolls all the way over. she babbles constantly and laughs all the time. she ADORES henry and moons over him (and vice versa). 
robb and i just keep shaking our heads at each other about these two people who live in our house. they are amazing and miraculous gifts. i love them so much it gives me the aches. 

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