Six Months and Sassy Good

anna at six months.
all the more fun, funny and spaztacular every day.
she never stops moving. she is strong & busy, fluidly transitioning between a series of pilates/MMA moves all the time.
she is silly and a little violent.
look at those feet! they’re for crushing other babies. 
i’m convinced she’s going to be some sort of super athlete, she’s so strong & physically enormous.
or a thug or a kingpin or something. we’ll be proud no matter what. 
we have to manhandle her to get her to be still enough to do stuff. 
she’s eating a little now- avocado, banana and sweet potato so far.

i should say she’s eating a LOT of a few things. girls eats. and i like it. and she’s growing like a champ.

we’ll find out next week at her 6 month well-visit how objectively huge she is.

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