A Few Signs I’ve Really Just Given Up

1. the pickup line i got tonight from my A for effort husband: ‘so, just HOW exhausted are you?’ (winkwink) and while i was trying to come up with sly retort, i fell asleep.

2. at the beach this weekend, the baby ate roughly 1 1/2 cups of sand. and i just don’t even care a little, even if it means sand castle diapers this week. 
3. i found this weekend that i can fit between two huge carseats in the back of our sedan. and that when the baby fusses, i can dangle nurse her with my 2 XL X-long national geographic style breast. and i’m just really excited for the skill and not even worried about the ramifications of it. (which are: in sportsbra, have to make sure nipples land approximately symmetrically. at least w/ a 5″ margin of error. note to self: never employ cause to wear a sportsbra and this becomes a nonissue)
4. i ate all the joe-joe’s. 

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