ok, so anna is a physical phenom. she is so tough and so strong, i am more and more convinced she’s going to grow up to be a stunt woman or something. 

putting her to bed is like pig wrestling. she’s doing gymnastics and taking flying leaps and thrashing all her limbs. all this while nursing. 
i turned away to do something really quickly and when i turned back, she had dove head-first between the side of my bed and the pack-n-play, which is smashed up to the bed, so there’s nary an inch between the two. so all that i can see are her legs, sticking straight up in the air, and i didn’t know the best way to rescue her, so i just sort of grabbed her feet and pulled her out, expecting her to be completely panicked and crying. 
but she laughed. a lot. 
i’m watching ‘american ninja warrior’ right now and thinking…yep. that. 
henry rides his bike like a champ now. it’s a balance bike (without pedals) but now he picks his feet up and just glides. he’ll be ready for pedals soon. he goes really fast. 
and he’s starting to recognize a few letters and gets his left and right correct much of the time. he’s definitely ready for preschool, which is starting next week. we had to get him ‘sumplies,’ which he was super excited about. markers, crayons, paper, glue. so much glue. 
he’s so incredibly sweet with his sister. he’s taken to singing to her when she’s upset. he launches into ‘puff the magic dragon’ whenever she cries. 
so a few weeks ago, we were on our bikes in the woods and anna was in the bike seat on my bike and i got tangled up trying to mount it (after having walked up the hill on foot next to the bike like a boss) and we both fell. so she was crying (she was fine), i was swearing (a little banged up), and henry was belting AND BROUGHT HIM STRING AND CEILING WAX AND OTHER FANCY STUFF into the woods. i think we scared a lot of birds. 
anyway. i have a lot of things in my mind grapes i want to share. i just need to make some time. soon! i swear! 
until then, happy labor day. hope you had a lovely one!

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