Hobbies and Exercise and Thinks, Oh My

the earlier hours of a new job + head cold + sick kids mean i’ve been in survival mode the last few weeks.

not that we’re ever far out of the just-barely-head-above-water state (and obviously when i say ‘survival mode’ i mean the most well-off, privileged white suburban kind of problems we’re surviving, obvs. i mean, let’s be real here)…but recently it seems i’m either at work, working on stuff for/with the kids, or sleeping.

my body doesn’t care that my mind has other priorities, it’s shutting down around 8pm every night and not having the rest of my to-do list nonsense.

and i do feel better, having caught up with some sleep. (thanks to both sets of parents who came and helped take care of our kids over the past few days so we could work and sleep!).

but i’m really missing making time to write, read, watch movies, do anything other than the daily minutia tasks. i have all these projects half-brewed that i’d like to be working on and am just not finding the capacity. and i miss it.

i’d like to say i also miss running and that i’m incomplete when not working out, but that would be a bold lie and i would expect you all to call me on it.

so i’ll just say, i also am not running.

and robb and i seem to only catch each other in texts and the rare face-to-face moment where we’re discussing the logistics of life or arguing about something stupid.

last night my parents offered to watch the kids while we went out!! i’d love to say we took advantage of it and had a grand ol’ time, but really, we insisted on putting the kids to bed because they’d been off their sleep schedule for days and are still ill-ish and i fell asleep with henry while putting him down and then when i woke up it was an ungodly late hour where no one EVER would or should leave the house to be social (10:15pm) and so i took a bath and went to bed.

lame. so lame. but….sleep.

so my goal is to get back into writing because i feel more like me when i am.

and running. because i’m supposed to say that.

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