Sometimes You’re ‘O’ for Everything

we have had zero sleep wins in our house this week. the children are running the asylum. 

the girl baby sleeps in our room, allegedly in a pack ‘n play, but routinely actually thrashing about between us in our bed, using my mammaries as a chew toy/comforter/punching bag/straw thing. 
so that’s neat. 

and last night i was bribing the three year old male person to sleep (naturally). it went like: you go to bed like a big boy on your own AND sleep through the night AND stay in bed until your alien alarm clock glows green in the morning and you will get a treat. 
AND so, bedtime was tears and more tears and robb and i alternating sitting in the chair in the corner on his room, glaring at said child in the dark while he thrashed around and periodically checked to see if we were still there. for. an. hour. 
and then, at the crackiest crack of dawn this morning, to what does my addled brain ear holes appear?  muffled footie pajama feet walking toward me with the mouth part saying, WHAT’S MY TREAT? IS IT ROUND? 
sigh. but only sigh shallow-like, or it will turn into a snore and i will be in this seat for the rest of the night. 

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