I Think This is Where the Magic Happens? I Really Can’t Remember.

you know how kids are pretty much a science experiment for grownups, right?

so the experiment tonight is putting both kids in the same room to sleep. like a nursery. like in peter pan, where all the the kids, no matter the ages or sexes, bunk together. with a dog taking care of them, bringing them their nightly medicine (stool softener probably? sedative?) and picking up toys and whatever. anyway. i digress. i really want a nanny dog. or nanny robot.  

ANYway, we’ll see how it goes. so far one has woken up the other only one time. but it ‘s not even 9pm. so we’ll see.

the goal is to get our bedroom back after 8 months of sharing it. it’s time. i’m gleefully writing this lying in bed with all the lights on in my room. because i can. because I’M THE BOSS. (did you hear that? are they waking? shhhh! turn off the lights! hit the ground!)

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