overwhelmed and trying, as always, to stuff too much into our already busted-out-the-seams life. i’m trying to let myself off the hook for more. delegate, choose relaxing over ass kicking on occasion. it’s a good goal for 2015. (2015?? SHIT! WHAT DAY IS IT? CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK? WHAT? OH IT’S THANKSGIVING? THEN WHY ARE WE SHOUTING? THANKSGIVING? BUT THEN CHRISTMAS AND I HAVEN’T PREPARED AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING AND MONEY AND WHAT AM I FORGETTING AND CHRISTMAS LETTER AND AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!).

hello, my name is sarah. and i am an anxiety junkie. but i’m a busy working mom of two young needers and i am….TRYING…TO….RELAX.

to see through this pile and this mess into the future, i have to believe that:

someday i will file all my papers promptly.
someday i will clean up my email account (currently 103 sitting in my inbox. that’s pretty good)
“someday i will organize my pictures and save them responsibly” (we all know that one’s a lie)
someday i will hang all the framed pictures in the house that are propped against a wall.
someday i will put the clothes away.
no, seriously, someday i will put the clothes away.
someday i will make sure there are pictures of the 2nd child up somewhere in the house.
someday i will do all the cute things, like make books and write puppet shows, for the 2nd one.
someday i won’t forget her name and keep calling her ‘the second one.’
someday i won’t be nursing and pumping and exhausted all the time…right?
someday i’ll be fully slept and i will be able to adequately finish my senten-
someday i’ll be more forgiving and affectionate. to myself and everybody else.
someday i’ll be able to laugh at ALL my quirks and not be stopped by self doubt.
someday i’ll help the world.
someday i’ll know how.
but first that stinking email account.

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