Pretty in Pink. Tough in Grey. But Also Tough in Pink and Pretty in Grey.

someone asked me the other day if anna was a ‘girly’ girl. 
well, there are much smarter, more gender reflecting answers i can give, but i’m tired and sick of braining right now (not because i’m a girl. hashtag rude). 
basically, does she wear pink and play with dolls?
no, because she’s not yet 1 and has no say in what she wears, does, or plays with. she’s stuck with representing my version of girl-ness, which looks pretty low key. like my casual relationship with the rejection of body hair and that i prefer to buy my underwear in a 6-pack and like my shampoo mixed right in there with my conditioner.
and she’s a baby bean still, so she eats toy hammers and baby dolls indiscriminately.
she mostly wears henry’s hand-me-downs and when she does wear technically girl clothes, they’re from baby gap’s german chancellor line.

and i don’t entirely know what it means to be ‘girly’ anyway. like won’t touch lizards? only wears pink fruf? prefers figuring out the complex nature of boys instead of chemical compositions?
i just want her to like herself. however that self may be.
and i find pants more condusive to crawling and beating the living shit out of her brother than dresses are.
BUT look how adorable she is in her first skirt!!!! oh, dear. 

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