Christmas Vacation: Home and at Work

i’m at work this week while the minions and the robb are at home. this is what i get by text.

they’re museum-ing today and ‘relaxing’ (as much as you do with two little needers in toe). 
i miss them and feel just a smidge sorry for myself that i’m not home with them, but, really, i love what i do and it’s kind of nice to be surrounded by grown people who are responsible for the content of their own nostrils and bowels and don’t require my help in their management.
and as i’ve concluded before, i‘m never sorry that i go…but i am always sorry that i leave. i like being at work, i just hate leaving my tiny loves. 

it is what it is.
plus, i like that henry knows that ‘mommy helps fix people’s bellies at work at the hospital.’ 
it makes me feel like a very pelvic-villain-specific super hero. 😉
but i had a lovely few days off and feel refreshed and rejuvinated. and we had a GREAT Christmas filled with family and sunshine and delicious food and fun presents. spoiled, blessed, and happy are we. 
henry was bumming about Christmas being done, taking doen the tree, etc. i told him next up new year’s! and anna’s birthday in 2 weeks!
we’ll try to keep up the festive spirit, even without the december glitter.

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