Happy 1st Birthday to Annabananapants!

our sweetest anna turns 1(one!) this week, so we got her first haircut and had her a birthday party this weekend.
she handled both beautifully. 
i really love this picture because it looks like baby’s first tragus piercing or neck tattoo. but trust, mr. pete, hair stylest to the tiny stars, was just smoothing out some of the mullet around her ears. not sure what we’re going to ultimately do regarding the hairs on this female child’s head. my inclination is to keep it short-ish so that we never battle over brushing and save her that pain…until she’s old enough to decide she wants long hair and all its associated hassle (in which case, we’ll just add some bat poop and grow it into dreads).

the party was very fun, too. a bunch of friends and family came and played with and spoiled her. there was ice cream. there was cupcake. there was joy. there was also snow storm, so unfortunately, lots of folks who were planning to come were unable. we are seriously considering officially re-assigning her birthday to a summer month to prevent this from (most certainly) happening again in the future. that wouldn’t mess her up for life too bad, would it? 

she’s getting so fun. sweet and loving, she gives the best hugs. she continues to attempt to walk and is signing just a wee bit now, too. she still has the 4 teeth and eats really well. she is strong and fearless. she IS the brute squad. she has begun trying out temper tantrums to see how she likes them. so far she loves them!
she reaches for her brother all the time. they are absolutely the best together. the best. 
i’m a little nostolgic this week, thinking about this time a year ago. my mom used to always tell us our birth stories on our birthdays and i hated it until i loved it. 
so, this time, 1 year ago today, it was a sunday and i had just come home from book club. they all thought i was insane to be there, but i book club with a bunch of fellow PA’s, so i figured if i went into labor they could figure something out. hot towels or whatever. i was due two days later and had completely been sure i would deliver before my due date and that i was done with work on friday when i left, so now that it was late sunday night and monday morning-and the need to set an alarm for it-was staring me in the face, i had to get the baby out! i was jumping up and down, thunder shaking the house, trying to hop the baby out in all my giant glory. i can’t remember if robb and i made the love, but if we did it would have been national geographic style, but, like, when the hippo gets all confused and finds herself accosting an antelope and the antelope is just, like, ‘well, it’s probably safest if i just do what she wants because she sure seems mean and like she could eat me.’ 
anyway. so we finally went to bed around 11:30 and i was just lying there all jazzed up, twitchy and feeling excited or worried or both. and then at midnight i pissed all over myself. but not. it was pretty clearly my water breaking, dramatically, all over my mattress. and then i kind of froze and forgot what to do next. robb jumped right up (because he’s a hero AND because he was lying in amniotic fluid) and started throwing our stuff together and calling our people. our local adopted family who we cherish and require to keep our lives grand did not immediately answer their phones (midnight. sunday night) and were laughing this weekend at anna’s birthday party about the voicemail i left that was something like, “hey, there. sorry to call so late. hope you are doing well. things are good here. my water just broke. i was wondering if you might be able to come sleep on the couch while henry sleeps so that we can go to the hospital….” so my mandy sped over in her jammies and headgear and lovingly sat on henry until my amazing mother drove ALL THE WAY from across the state (PS- she had just left our house and driven across state earlier that day) to be with him while i labored. 
love our people that keep us whole. 
and then my memory goes a little hazy but it’s something like ouch and then more ouch and then peace and then anna. it’s well documented elsewhere:(http://sarahandrobbbigtrouble.blogspot.com/2014/01/anna-made-all-ob-staff-bananas-but.html). 
all went well. and she was here and she is great.
blessings on this beautiful child and thanks to her for this wonderful year. it’s been a whole lot of crazy fun. i suspect there will be more crazy and more fun to come. 

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