The Cornerstone to Every Fully Balanced Diet: Red Dye

it has occurred to me that i feed my kids way healthier than i feed myself. they are tripping over fruits and vegetables, but i tend to grab for other less fresh, less healthy, quicker (more chocolatey) stuff myself and save all the fresh produce for them. i do ok, don’t get me wrong. but not as great as them. 

so tonight, i was deliberately consuming an apple while preparing their food for daycare tomorrow. then i came upon henry’s valentine’s day stash of swedish fish candies on top of the fridge and stuffed 1 (five) in my mouth hole before anyone could catch me. 
so as i’m pouring the flax seed into the vitamix for their smoothie, the chewy red delicacy slips from between my lips into the blender. and i tried to ‘fish’ it out. i really did. but i absolutely could not find it. as if the coconut milk and plant based protein powder had dissolved it instantly. 
so i just turned the blender on high and am going to consider this smoothie fortified with swish. 
(this reminds me of this video i was recently shown from jimmy kimmel making white rich farmers’ market type people look bad. i do not find it funny. i do not find it funny at all).

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