I Love Loving Them/Soup is Finger Food

what my kids require me to forfeit in organization or any sense of control in my life, i gain huge in great places to put my love. 

let me not mince words. having 2 kids and jobs and house and other responsibilities and goals…it’s a goat rodeo. everything is urgent and loud and sticky all the time. 
someone is having a (relative) emergency always and only you can fix it. now. now. right now. 
it’s breathtakingly exhausting and disheartening sometimes. 
but. i’m not over henry’s foot yet. 
i guess i should clarify. i am so in love with every square inch of him, that even his now big guy stinky huge foot i find myself cupping and marveling at. 
this is him eating soup on the couch.(best parenting practices. it’s in a book. look it up). 

i just couldn’t stop staring at him, i felt so in love and amazed that this person lives in my house and even sometimes likes me.
my heart does little flips all the time when around these two. it’s that fresh love feeling all the time…coupled with complete chaos and destruction and whining. so much whining.
these are confusing times with all these many feels.

and may this one always care more about what she puts in her head than she does about whatever mess is happening on her head.

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