henry was a war hero today getting his four year old vaccines.
on the way there, we talked at length about how pokes are valuable because they give us a little germ that teaches our bodies how to build army cells to kill that germ if it ever shows up again, so the germ can’t make us sick.
he did a great job processing it and came to terms w/ it and gave the nurse permission to administer them, even watched the needle. she was great, informative and also very straight with him. he sat on his own and got through it like a champ.
i’m so thankful. i want him to be the one who owns his body and has knowledge about it & grants or denies access to it. i’m so glad he’s who he is- this stuff getting easier the older he gets. i have nightmares of holding kids down for shots in my peds rotation in PA school.
he told robb when he got home that he USE-D THE FORCE TO BE BRAVE.
that’s some jedi peace of mind right there.

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