ANNAmal is 17 months

anna continues to be a wonderful raging lunatic. she is absolutely afraid of nothing and she gives deep hugs. she likes to read books and backs herself into a cozy hole next to you when you offer to read one to her. she climbs everything and falls off of most of it. if someone dares to take something from her, she tea kettle screams and shakes and her head spins entirely around on her neck. she does not like to be screwed with at all. 

her language is really showing up lately and it’s so fun. she had new words every day this week, it seemed. tonight she said “POPCORN.” she won’t say henry’s name yet, but if you say “say Henry” she laughs and starts puckering her lips for a kiss and scrambles to run and find him wherever he is to plant one on him. he’s very indulgant and seems to like her a lot. thank God. 
she sounds a lot like christopher walken when she talks. “you want to watch a show, anna?” “SHAH-OH.” i’ll get her to say champagne next. 

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