The Day the Dentist Went to Henry. Wait. Strike That. Reverse it.

once upon a time there was a little boy named henry.

he was a very little boy but he had some very big brave when he went to the dentist for a filling.
and he used his very big words to make the dentist laugh.
his mom made him brush his teeth on the way there, as if that would help.
HE knew it was too late.
and SHE knew it was too late.
still, she made him do it.
he had a few cavities where the cavity bugs had worn through.
they needed to be filled with the…stuff. (the details of the stuff are kind of fuzzy, even for his mom).
when the dentist started using a water pick, she explained that water is “very important for mouths”
the dentist had to agree.
while they worked, he stared straight ahead and answered all their questions politely.
he did not complain about the pain and said that he did not feel scared.
he also said he understand why he had to wait 1 hour before eating the tooth-shaped lollipop when he was all done.
kind of.
there is reason to believe there may be more cavities to fill in the future.

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